Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time to reboot!!!

Armored Core Mirage
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I think it's high time I put this little piece io defunct web space to good use.

Considering as how my Wordpress blog has been over run by my social ramblings, Dollfie updates and the wayward random figure photo, Gunpla and Plamo has been shoved aside. Despite how varied my hobbies have spread out, I am still, first and foremost, a plamo builder. It was where all my hobbies now have started upon and forever shall be. It is no surprise that my adopted vinyl daughters would take interest in it as well.

SO!! This little collective rectum shall be my repository for my model kit and gunpla updates. Which would include my WiPs, my new acquisitions and completed ones, as well as upcoming purchases and a thing or two about my guerrilla building techniques.

Well then, that said.. Let's get this mess all sorted out and start stripping those runners!

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