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MG RX 133K "Miku-Nu"

If Black Rock Shooter had a Mech...

Well, I guess a lot of you guys already know annoying and smug little me. But for those who don't here's a quick backgrounder about me:
About Me

I've been building Gunpla for well about a decade now, long before Gundams nor Anime became house hold names here in Manila. I had amassed a good 90+ kits with a mixture of HG, HGUC, and MG's from various series like Zeta, Sentinel, 08th MS, Victory, and Silhouette Formula. Alas, my humble abode was collateral damage from a fire that gutted 4 homes, ours included, in late 2002. Along with it my gunpla collection. And so I sought it best to start over, and restarted building gunpla with the MG MSA-0011 Ex-S Gundam in December 2003. 

If there was something I'd really like Bandai to see make into a 1/100 Master Grade Kit, it would have to be more from the Victory Gundam Series, particularly the Victory Dash Gundam, but since the V Gundam is already out as a Ver. Ka. I is excited about it. Another one would have to be the MS-303E Deep Striker. Also, though it's already been released by G-system, I'd appreciate it if Bandai could find ways to make the 1:35 scale Zeta Gundam More easily available.
If you're interested in reading more, click on "about me" to take you to my "Otacool" room post. ^_^. Coffeebugg out.

And so the story goes....

Konata: At last, Kagamin! I has completed the most Biri~biri~ awesomest Gundam in the Gunpla world.
Kagami: That laugh of yours is very ominous.. And why am I wearing this again.. And what does this have to do with me calling Miku?
Konata: Behold!! I give you the Gundam to "PWN" every Gundam in existence!!
Kagami: What the hell is that abomination?!
Konata: I giveth you.. the RX-133k Studie Glad "Miku~Nu" Ita~Gundam armed with the LEEK Saber!!
Kagami: I can't believe it.. you've completely lost it haven't you.. a "LEEK' saber?
Konata: Now go get Miku...

Miku: Ne ne.. Hachune.. check this out! If I pose like this.. Ne?
Miku Hachune: (゚Д゚@)
Kagami: I still can't believe she made one.

Miku: ooh.. Pose again! What if we put this in the next P. Diva Game.. wouldn't it be cool?
Hachune: (@゚Д゚)
Kagami: You do realize she.. it.. doesn't say anything. Why am i still even here...

Miku: Last shot for group photo!! Can I use this in the next Animelo.
Kagami: Seriously...
Hachune: (@゚Д゚@)
And onto some close up shots.
Mainly used Semi-Gloss black, Gunmetal, and purple. For accent and highlight colors I used Gloss Aluminum and Coral Blue. I used Pink, Chrome Silver and coral blue to do some panel lining. 
Also weather it with the Tamiya Winter scheme Weathering kit which comes with Burnt Blue, Burnt Copper and Oil gray.

This be the Right Shoulder pauldron. As you can see, I used a good helping of Flat Super clear.

Here be the Left knee assembly. Just painted the Hydraulic pistons in Burnt Copper and dusted them off with Oil gray. I also Lightly smeared the thighs with burnt copper along the seams after lining it with chrome silver.

Another look at the left knee. I forgot to mention that I used Gunmetal to paint the Inner frame and then misted it with Smoke(TS-71).

Still the left knee. This time the Intake/exhaust part. I smeared some burnt copper where we presumably would see hot exhaust gasses would be causing the surface to rust. Also you might notice the small recessed part in the Gun Metal Armor Plating. I used Burnt blue over Oil gray

Ah the Head.. lotsa work here. For the coral blue panel lining, I basically covered that face plate with coral blue then cleaned it off with a q-tip dipped in thinner and lightly cleaned it off. The eyes, pink and green lining, and vulcan gun is hand painted with 000 paint brush. Top coated with Flat super clear as usual. By the way, I apply weathering after I top coat with Flat Super clear to give it a surface to cling on.

Shield assembly. Did the same with the Exhaust port as in the knee area earlier. The Water slide decals I apply after I paint but before I apply top coat. I also use Mr. Mark Softer which partially melts the water slide decals.

How I use mr. Mark softer:
1. Apply water slide decal. remove air bubbles by dabbing damp (not soaking wet) tissue.
2. Apply ample amount of Mr. Mark Softer to give it a glossy sheen; let decal absorb the solution.
3. Spray top coat once you no longer see a gloss, sometimes can happen immediately to within 1 minute.

Click here to view the rest of the gallery.

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