Friday, November 12, 2010

Previous works

Thought I'd share some of the Gunpla, in varying stages of completion, that I've recently worked on.

First off, my OOB GP03S, while it may have some panel lining, it basically still is OOB.  Might still break this down, then re-sand the nub marks and do some light touch ups on the panel lining and add some more details.

I'm still in a toss up if I want to give this a custom paint job. And if ever I do, I still don't know what color scheme to go with. Most likely just go with some slight alterations to the original.

Next up, my GP01FB in Prototype Orange colors. Just your standard recolor and some weathering.  I'm still a bit unsatisfied with it, so chances are I might end up revisiting this and tweak some details on it. One major gripe I have with this kit is that the back of the ankle armor doesn't match up. had to put in a lot of putty work and sanding to flatten it.

Lastly, perhaps one of my recent Gunpla which I've really had fun putting together and received much fanfare when I took the sheets off; my recolored RX-93 Hi-Nu. Based the color scheme on the '08 Studie Glad BMW Z4 Super GT race car.  Hence the Itasha decals.  What was an entry for a Gundam competition on Figure.FM, I ended up just having fun with it.

Of course, I'll be doing a feature on each one with more detail shots that I took.  Meanwhile, here's a lol build for ya.

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